The Way It Makes You Feel

It is an amazing  mystery to me how a song, or even a small portion of it can utterly change your mood and transform your day.

Like that morning cup of coffee, the right song first thing in the morning gets you up and going, possibly with your half-asleep booty shaking once or twice in the process.

A song from you past can fill you with nostalgia those weekends high school, right after you got you license and you would see how many of your delinquent buddies could pile into a 1985 Mercury Lynx and drive into Seaside Heights to terrorize the boardwalk, and play pinball every damned weekend.

It was like watching a clown car unload. Provided that the clowns all wore trench coats and denim jackets, chain smoked, and swore at the top of their lungs

It was like watching a clown car unload. Provided that the clowns all wore trench coats and denim jackets, chain smoked, and swore at the top of their lungs

Then there’s that song that your ex used to just love so much you thought for sure they would be the first person in history wear CD out. Well either that or you were going to snap the fucking thing to pieces and force them to eat it; and when you hear it after all these years, you still wonder why you didn’t.

Ever notice how just the first few bars of some old tune can be a bittersweet reminder of a loved one who passed away several years ago, but now you can still hear them singing along just as clearly as if they were standing next to you.

It is so easy for the way we feel to be influenced by music. I was reminded of this when one day when leaving for work. Just like every other day I put in my ear buds, opened up my internet radio. I had been feeling a little beaten down by life and then the music started

I quickly discovered it is impossible to walk down the street listening to this and not feel like a total badass.

Even if you are drinking a sparkling mineral water.

Mercury Lynx photo taken by Bull-Doser and is in the public domain.

Memory Lapse

This is ninth in a collection of scenes that I lazily refer to as “The Untitled Thing”. If this is your first time reading the exchanges between Jerry and Mr. Davis, it would probably be best if you started at the beginning. If you think you might have missed an installment, the complete collection can be found here. It’s all right, they’ll wait here for you while you catch up.

“Rise and shine kiddo,” said the familiar gravely voice, “you can’t sleep all day.”

“I feel like crap,” Jerry groaned as he tried to focus. Davis’s face swam more or less into focus in tune with the throbbing of his head.

“You look like crap too, if that’s any consolation. You gave us one hell of a scare for a couple of days.”

“Us?” Jerry asked with slight panic, as he became aware of the cool metal encircling his wrists, binding him to the chair “Where am I, Davis?”

“In your apartment,” the old man said calmly. “The handcuffs are really just to make sure you don’t do anything rash. It’s really for your own good.”

Jerry’s head began to throb faster, he was getting nauseous. “Why would I do anything rash Davis? I thought we were friends.”

“We are friends kiddo, but as you get on in life, you’ll find that’s one of those words with a pretty flexible definition.” Davis brought his flask up to his lips and took a long sip, then waved it casually in the air. “I’d offer you some but I’ve been told that we need you to be completely dried out before we can continue treating  your condition.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Jerry wanted to believe that but, he knew it wasn’t true. Nothing had been right with him for weeks now. He could hear someone moving in the kitchen, it smelled like they were making coffee. “Who else is here?”

“A mutual acquaintance of ours. unfortunately, for some reason it’s vital that you don’t see us both at the same time. Something to do with visual associative memory. I don’t know what that means but our friend in there is sort of an expert with memories.” Davis screwed the cap back on his flask and leaned forward in his chair. “I’ve been led to believe you’ve had some troubling ones lately. What was that little scene at the bar about Jerry?”

Jerry gritted his teeth to keep from vomiting, sweat was beading on his forehead. “I think you know what the hell it was about Davis,” the pounding in his head began to get more insistent, he felt like he was about the pass out but, he could see it now, so clearly, everything, it was excruciating. “You were there,” he wheezed, “at the industrial park. I saw you.”

“Well, there you have it sport. Yeah I was there, I told you we seen your chops, that’s why I wanted you for this little project I got going. I just can’t have you going around remembering what happened there, not yet.” Davis leaned back again. “So, here we are.”

Jerry fought to keep focus, his world faded in an out between his living room and laying on the cold wet pavement that evening. The pain, the eyes of that thing staring at him. The gaunt figure with its bony finger cutting into his forehead, it smiles. Inch by inch he reaches for his gun.

In the here and now he could sense someone behind him. A sharp pain stabbing in his neck. The warm rush of something familiar surges into his veins. Both worlds collapse.


“Rise and shine sleepy head,” says the familiar lilting voice, “you can’t sleep all day.”

“I feel like crap,” Jerry groaned as he tried to focus. Janice’s smiling face greeted as he pried open his eyes.  She stood at the doorway wearing one of his shirts and carrying two mugs of coffee. He always thought she looked her best like this, at the beginning of the day before she started toying around with make-up.

“Well considering how much you drank last night it’s no wonder you feel horrible. Here, this will help.” she said sitting down on the edge of the bed and setting one of the mugs on the night stand.

He sat up and took a sip of the coffee, and tried to shake the cobwebs out of his mind. “Well, if I remember correctly I wasn’t the only one drinking.” He yawned and rubbed his face. “Wait a minute,” he said with a smile “it’s daylight don’t you turn into a pumpkin or something if you’re here when I wake up?”

Janice looked at him and laughed, “No, I just decided to take a sick day today. You were in such a bad mood last night I thought you could use some company. Now if you hurry up and get dressed you still might have time to take me somewhere for breakfast.”