Meesa and the Gremlin

Meesa knew that smell anywhere.

That mixture of machine oil, curiosity and, corruption. It was a gremlin, a kind of gnome gone horribly wrong. They constantly take things apart to see how to make them break down more efficiently. This was going to be tricky. Anything that spends its afternoons contemplating the best way to blow things up does not tend to have a well-developed sense of fear.

She crept into the dimly lit garage. The ability to see in the dark might not be the best of her abilities but, right now Meesa thought it was pretty close to the top of the list. She was hoping her amazing agility and experience as a hunter would be tipping points. The gremlin was cornered as planned, the problem being it was cornered near an array of power tools. Inch by inch she snuck toward the impish thing. Occupied by its tinkering, it seemed unaware of her. Meesa readied herself, crouched low, and leapt. She unsheathed her blades as she sailed through the air, ready for the kill.

Suddenly, the gremlin whirled aiming a cordless drill and a maniacal grin at her. Meesa twisted her body at the last second to avoid its thrust. Landing awkwardly on her feet, spun and swept him to the ground. The weapon flew from its hands and into a shelf, sending paint cans clattering downwards and tools sprawling everywhere. A quick punching stab to its throat and it was over. Meesa licked her lips, now for the fun part.

The door flew open.

“Damn it cat! What the hell are you doing in here?” screamed the voice.

Meesa slunk away miserably from the wreckage. Stupid human, she thought, I probably just saved your life. After all it isn’t her fault gremlins are invisible.

This story inspired by a Weekly Challenge, and by a character invented by my daughter.