Little Boy’s Loss

It had been such a great day at the fair until now. Why did it have to happen, why him. They had done everything together, walked the midway, visited the livestock pavilion, gotten corn dogs and cotton candy, even the guess your weight booth. Then on the ferris wheel he made his mistake and it all slipped away.

Now his friend was gone and he just stood there red-faced and shaking, with big blubbery tears streaming down his cheeks. His heart ached and he sobbed uncontrollably. Nothing would ever be the same anymore. He missed his friend, like only a small boy could. No matter what his parents said or did he felt bad all over. it was gone now and it was never coming back, and all the ice cream and funnel cakes in the world wouldn’t change that.

Now he was going to be sad forever.

Forever and ever.

He really loved that balloon.699751062_114d1fc712










Image: Lost Balloon by Ruth and Dave (CC BY 2.0)