Happy Monday Archive

I doubt most people would want to revisit most of their Mondays, at least that’s what all the memes tell me. But, if that’s your thing, here’s a list of Mondays past. There’s some gaps due to laziness on my part I’m sure.


  • Re: Subjective Reality - “People are always talking ya about truth. Everybody always knows what the truth is, like it was toilet paper or somethin’, and they got a supply in the closet. But what you learn, as you get older, is there ain’t no truth. All there is is bullshit, pardon my vulgarity here. Layers of it. One…Read more Re: Subjective Reality
  • RE: Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin - Another late start to my blogging week. Gee, thanks life. So I have been thinking about writing, namely my experiences blogging. I am, in some way, amazed at how positive the whole experience has been. Being from a certain perpetually dismal outlook on life, I had to really work myself up to doing this. Besides…Read more RE: Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin
  • RE: Exhausted Arguments - “With insomnia, nothing’s real. Everything’s far away. Everything’s a copy of a copy of a copy.” Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk (1996) I am tired. Scratch that. I am exhausted as of late. I am continually plagued by erratic sleep patterns brought on by late nights at work and days that start twice once at six…Read more RE: Exhausted Arguments
  • Re: The ongoing conversation - I need a drink. I haven’t published a single word for over a week now.  This is despite my recent commitment to build better habits concerning that area of life, including joining a challenge for just that and that is  best I can come up with. A whole week of processing a long string of bad news, focusing…Read more Re: The ongoing conversation
  • Life and Its Little Ironies - Ironies, contradictions, incongruities, disparities, call them what you like life is full of these amusing little gems. Recently some of the small contradictions of life have been in the forefront of my brain. For instance, I recently took my family out for a late Sunday breakfast. I wouldn’t call it a brunch because of the setting.…Read more Life and Its Little Ironies
  • I Have Written - I have written. For the first time in months have written something more than a grocery list. It felt good. I sat down to type and there it was nice, neat and fast. A few quick little edits and I had something workable. I really liked it. I saved it to draft and moved on.…Read more I Have Written
  • A Sign of Evolution - I’m sure I mentioned this before but, I used to smoke. Like a freakin’ chimney. At the top of my game I smoked three packs of non-filtered cigarettes a day. But then I realized that I didn’t really have that kind of free time. When I started smoking, at the completely appropriate age of fourteen years old,…Read more A Sign of Evolution
  • Clean Reader, Lazy Mind - Recently I posted a piece of fiction in response to a writing challenge posted over at Terribleminds, a blog hosted by Chuck Wendig. The particular challenge was spurred by an objection to a new app called Clean Reader. The point of this app is to scrub profanity from e-books, thus allowing people to read books they…Read more Clean Reader, Lazy Mind
  • What I want for her - Last week I posted a review of the Daredevil series on Netflix. There I wrote that my only real problem with the show was with that female characters, and how they seem to serve as little more than incidental plot devices. There two things I’d like to address from that article. One, I need to…Read more What I want for her
  • Of Cigarettes and Alcohol - I was recently asked by a coworker, apparently out of idle curiosity, whether it was harder to quit smoking or quit drinking. I told him it depends on how you look at it. When I quit smoking it sucked right away. It sucked for me and everyone around me. I was nervous, irritable, and moody. I…Read more Of Cigarettes and Alcohol
  • Glasses - Lately, when I finally get settled in to start writing, I’ll have my coffee on my desk, right where I like it. Nestled behind my computer screen, its handle just barely peeking out into view. The kid is at school or, asleep or, otherwise pried from the YouTube dispensary. The terriers have been walked and…Read more Glasses
  • The Morning Coffee Comes Late Today - The morning coffee comes late today, Gone are dregs from night before. The child awoke in sluggish fasion, Two bowls of cereal and asks for more. The morning coffee comes late today, Kid to dress and bag to pack. Out of time and out the door, Sadly it is the caffeine I lack. The morning…Read more The Morning Coffee Comes Late Today
  • I Didn’t Celebrate My Birthday Again This Year - My birthday came and went without much ceremony. I haven’t put much stock in it over the last few years. I tend to just go to work, because I am an adult and I have bills to pay. I don’t have parties because, I feel I’ve gotten to old to be fussed over and, as a…Read more I Didn’t Celebrate My Birthday Again This Year
  • Cursive - Cursive. That archaic mode of recording one’s thoughts. I have been spending some small bit of my spare time trying to remember how cursive handwriting works. I had abandoned it shortly after graduating high school. This was due both to my block letters being vastly more legible, and the increasing uselessness of handwriting in everyday…Read more Cursive
  • “That Dad” - I wanted, I really wanted to write something about the election. I had this thing in my head,  there was snark and humor involved. But that’s not what I do and it’s a little late in the game to start with that nonsense. Besides that, something more important came up. I missed my daughters first…Read more “That Dad”
  • Happy Monday – November 14, 2016 - Hell of a week, huh? Since the election I have seen the blame (if such a term can be applied to an open election), for the outcome of the election, placed on several groups. Various sources in the media and socially have mentioned third-party voters, frivolous protest votes (Mickey Mouse, and Deez Nutz are not…Read more Happy Monday – November 14, 2016
  • Moving - Moving, again. I despise moving. I have done it far too many time in too few years. In the past I found myself compelled to move by the economic forces that occur when a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, such as mine meets an unexpected financial disaster. Alcoholics do tend to make such poor decisions when…Read more Moving
  • Happy Monday – November 28th, 2016 - After several false starts this morning, I found myself alone on a park  bench near my home. I arrived well before any children would be out of school, and just as the current shift of homeless men were finishing up their day drinking. Feeling a bit down I was already on my third lollipop of the…Read more Happy Monday – November 28th, 2016
  • Had/ Has | Happy Monday – December 5th, 2016 - “Are you okay?” I ask. “I’m fine, I just don’t want to do this.” “I wish I could go with you. I still can,” I tell her, “You know, I can at least just go down there with you.” “One of us has to pick up Kate.” She replied. “I know. I’m sorry” I say.…Read more Had/ Has | Happy Monday – December 5th, 2016
  • I Don’t Own a Tie | Happy Monday – December 12th, 2016 - It occurred to me recently, as I thought about attending my daughter’s holiday chorus performance, that I do not own a tie. It’s not like it was a formal event but it just struck me. When I announced that I intended to rectify this deficit in apparel, my dear wife was gracious enough to point out…Read more I Don’t Own a Tie | Happy Monday – December 12th, 2016
  • Happy Humbuggery - I haven’t had much time to write in the past week. My job has been a bit on the demanding side what with the caterings for seasonal parties, and the local university’s graduation ceremonies bringing in a couple of thousand extra people into town. All of whom needed a place to have a good meal,…Read more Happy Humbuggery
  • Just a Brief Word | Happy Monday - I expected to return to this space over a week ago. However, the move that was scheduled for November ended up taking place in January. I could probably spend several posts pissing and moaning about how annoying it has been to be living through the holidays in a half packed state, but I won’t because…Read more Just a Brief Word | Happy Monday
  • Dwindling Pages - I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been keeping a handwritten journal since about mid October. I have been dutifully entering my morning thoughts, story ideas, and poetry drafts into it every day since then. This is the first time in nearly twenty years that I’ve bothered keeping such a book and am faced with a relatively…Read more Dwindling Pages
  • Laundry Day - I am unashamedly terrible at laundry. This centers on my inability to distinguish between clothing in categories less broad than mine or, not mine. My wardrobe has adapted over the years, in a near Darwenistic fashion to suit this situation and has become durable, pragmatic, and largely unimaginative. There are a few unavoidable variations in pigment and…Read more Laundry Day