Commenting Guide


I’ll pretty much approve most any comment even what might be seen by some as overly harsh criticisms of my work and/ or opinions. I’ll even let you argue among yourselves to a certain extent but, hopefully we can all keep it civil and productive. I will immediately disapprove/ delete any comment if it seems

    1. Abusive
    2.  Spammy
    3. Trollish

Please note I am the sole arbiter of what qualifies under the above categories, if you think I am being unfair you can appeal to me but I am usually rather pressed for time. Also understand that I’ve pretty much decided to trust the automated spam detector that comes with WordPress. If you think your comment has been stuck into the spam category by the friendly robot WordPress has provided me with I’m afraid you’ll just have to get in touch with me in any of the number of ways I’ve provided on the Contact Me page to sort it out.

But in general play nice and avoid any unnecessary links

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