Today has been canceled due to lack of interest

I was writing a light-hearted little ramble about spending the past several days sequestered in my room playing video games in the dark s and generally getting nothing done. I was going to joke around about how it’s been so nice to revisit my formative year easier. I wanted to make a jovial anecdote about the multiple choice nature of morality in the gaming world because it is just a mechanic and not a way to live life. I’ll probably still finish it, later…. maybe.

It’s been a shit weekend. We all know why.

I’ve had a shit day on a personal level.

The whole world is turning into a shit show, and I am very disappointed in all of us.

I’ll get over it. Hopefully by Wednesday.

Until then here is my dog scratching her back on the lawn.


Let’s try to spend a few days not being asshats.

Thank you.

Happy Monday.


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