Life as a Three Legged Cat

My wife is kind of a cat lady. In addition to our personal pets she likes to feed the neighborhood strays. She takes part in our local Trap/ Neuter/ Return program. Were currently discussing fostering some kittens from Animal Services. Point is she likes cats. I do too, I guess. Up to a certain extent.

There’s this one cat, she calls him Tripod. Yep, he was born without one of his hind legs, the right one. Watching him do his little hobbled, skipping walk is almost an amusing sight. He’s gotten kind of fat over the years; the other cat lady down the street to start feeding him. When he was younger and thinner he was actually something of a bad ass, as far as cat’s being murderous bastards go. I witnessed that physically challenged ball of homicide pull birds right out of the air, hold his own in wrestling matches with his friends, and chase invasive tom cats, larger than himself, away from his feeding spot.  Now he’s just some fuzzy paranoid Weeble.

The most remarkable thing about this cat is the sad way he keeps trying to scratch behind his ear with that little nub of a leg. Can you just imagine the frustration? When there’s thing in the back of your head and for whatever reason you were born missing that one tool that can bring you relief. And even though you know it’s not going to work, you can’t help but give it a try anyway.

Lately I know just how that must feel.

3 thoughts on “Life as a Three Legged Cat

  1. Back on the horse, Hip.
    It’s been a full week, so I’m checking in.
    What about submitting?
    Will you do a new one, or pull the old?
    If you do a new, I’ll do a new.
    If you pull the old, I’ll find an old and pull it.
    We shall jump into the fire, for fun, yes?

    • Work has been a shit show because of university graduating. I really only have had time to go there, get my ass kicked up and down all day, go home, drool for about twenty minutes, then collapse. Repeated this over several consecutive days. The there’s my usual depression and anxiety that I needed to catch up on.

      All things begin again This Monday one way or another, submitting that poem included… promise.

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