You Just Have to Admit

At one point you have to just admit it. You stopped short of many of the goals you set in life, because they really weren’t goals. They were more like things you thought up to do in order avoid any real responsibility. I mean let’s face it if you had worked towards any one singular goal in the past decade or so you would probably have more to show for it, well as far as material possessions go at any rate. That’s not to say money means that much but a little security on the financial front might be nice. You had your fun though. Oh there were great times of free wheeling, hot and cold running hedonism and debauchery. For a time a life well lived in was its own reward.

But, you one day you sober up and find yourself middle-aged, and spinning your wheels. You’ve been working the same job for ten years, that you meant to quit after five. Because even though you kept running from life and responsibility they, still caught up with you eventually. They took you by the throat and wrestled you into the nice comfortable rut you live in today.

It’s only then can you realize that life is really about just pulling your pants up and marching on and being miserable.

None of it is true of course. It’s just the perspective you get from the particular vantage point of being over tired from work and worn down by worry and aching from the abuse of the advancing years. Your diet probably isn’t helping either,  there’s probably a limit to how much pepperoni is beneficial to a person. Come to think of it when was the last time you got out on your bike and went for a nice long ride? Yeah, chances are you just need more exercise.

You just shrug and let out a deep sigh. You finish drinking your coffee, and get ready for work.


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