Late Day, Early Spring


The creeping damp sounds of evening hold me,
Their  embrace cool and yawning.

The splashing water from crooked gutters,
running down the walls to saturate the earth.

The frustrated sigh of the bored housebound child,
confined to the couch and her tiny screen.

The clammy winds make the window screen hum,
as they sweep gently past the house.

The quiet panic of the old dog staring out the window,
panting at the rolling lazy grumble of the distant retreating thunder.

Laying on my bed fighting drifting slumber,
brought by the dark drowsy thrum of the late day, early spring rain.



2 thoughts on “Late Day, Early Spring

  1. I like the parallel structure you have in the top lines of the couplet where it’s ‘creeping damp’ ‘splashing water’ etc, and I am completely enchanted with spring rain. The whole poem feels wet.

    In a good way.

    • To be completely honest I have no idea about poetry (that obvious is it?) I’m just stringing ideas I like together and don’t know what else to call it. Might be something I’d want to look up if I am going to insist on doing it 😀 . Glad you enjoyed it.

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