Paper Cut

Bits of confetti fall. I think of chaos and symmetry, and of a brief article I read, but didn’t understand about the crystalline structure of meteorites.

What she wanted was much simpler My hand cramps as I work the scissors around the triangle of paper folded to impossible thickness. She never was happy with her own results.

I never thought my own attempts looked all that genuine.

We make a pair, two would-be-creatives burned out from a life of bad decisions made in desperate, impassioned pursuit of nothing.

That’s what we ended up with.

It will just have to do.



9 thoughts on “Paper Cut

    • I don’t think I’ll ever have enough caffeine to be anything akin to elegant, but that’s not really my thing anyway. Thanks for everything, the encouragement means a lot. I’m enjoying catching up with your latest serial.

      • You’re welcome. And I’m glad — really hope you enjoy. I’m having a fucking blast writing it. A little too in love with my own characters and cleverness, so I hope people are at least a tenth as impressed with it as I am, haha.

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