It’s Been a Long Time


I have a long, firmly held, belief that no one really likes Led Zeppelin. We were just told we were supposed to at a young and impressionable age, and most just blindly accepted it. It’s not anyone’s fault, we were all naive in our youth, we’ve all made mistakes. I know I’ve made a few. Throughout the years many people still defiantly cling to this misguided notion, mostly likely too embarrassed to admit that they were wrong.

I do suppose we should be grateful that there was a group of white guys from London that brought the blues to the attention of a whole generation of suburban white kids in America though.

Anyway, I digress.

I have been on a hiatus from blogging and writing for a couple of months, due to a transition in housing, which led to complications with unpacking the computer and a temporary lack of internet (not sure if you’ve ever tried to type a blog post on a phone before but it kind of sucks) as well as a few medical problems (not my own). Then there was the whole getting the kid ready to go back to school. I also discovered Ingress, during this time which is a great and wonderful time waster if you are in need of one. Toss in some drama with the extended family, and that pretty much sums up my litany of excuses for this quarter of the year.

The moving thing was just boring and exhausting so I probably won’t mention that again. I will probably touch on the medical issue, and Ingress in the coming weeks as I am sure they will hold someone’s interest other than my own. As always my daughter is a hoot, so you will hear plenty about her.

And yes there will be fiction soon.

It’s good to be back. I missed you guys.

5 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Time

    • Yeah, I started thinking about the blog again. Thinking about writing is not writing though. Let myself get out of the habit and I got to get back to it. I’m going to start working on a few things, maybe start doing the daily prompts again to get my legs back under me. I’ll publish again soon I promise. It was good hearing from you today.

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