Bicycle Stories Month | Final Recap and Round-up


Bicycle Stories Month Badge

And we come to a close…

It is now June, and the sun has set on both National Bike Month and this little blogging event. This was the first time I hosted an event and I am glad I did, I got to meet some new people, discover some new blogs and write a few stories that wouldn’t have seen the light of day otherwise.

Though engagement wasn’t as high as I would have liked I am happy I didn’t just give up on the event. Three great pieces were submitted in the last stretch of the month, you can find the links to them below. I’d like to thank those authors and everyone who even just expressed interest in participating. I’d really like to say thank you to all of you who stopped by to read this month.

The Round-Up Portion

This weeks participants, in order of date of submission.

Bicycle, Tiger, Thief, February Street

Her Bike, Charlottesville Winter

The scraped knee… A childhood rite of passage, Meaningful Mommy

 That about sums up the week

If that isn’t enough bicyclelyness for you, take a peek at My Bicycle Diary for some extra reading material.

I am not sure if I am going to be hosting this again next year, we’ll just play that one by ear for now. In the meantime Happy Biking and happy blogging.

One thought on “Bicycle Stories Month | Final Recap and Round-up

  1. Thank you for hosting this little event. It inspired me to write a story I normally wouldn’t have, and I enjoyed it!

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