RE: Got time?

I’m still on the fence about whether I like this version or Joe Jackson’s original better. I do think that I’m feeling the Anthrax a bit more today though.

It probably is a good thing this blog doesn’t count as my job, as it seems to becoming harder for me to stick to my self-imposed deadlines. I suppose there is an argument to be made about if this was my job then my current one wouldn’t interfere with that, but were not there yet and in all likely hood won’t be anytime soon. Two weeks ago I had to work longer hours behind the line because the areas university students graduated and we had to feed a few thousand of them and their families that weekend. Last week I was busy chasing my daughter around the yard making up for all the extra time spent at work the week before. This week it’s mostly just exhaustion, and body aches from too much running around getting to me.

And then there’s the internet.

I do most of my writing at night after coming home from work. I am usually very tired and have used up most of my attention span for the day by then and am apt to make rather poor time management decisions, none of which are likely to involve going to bed early so I am functional enough to accomplish much more than getting the kid to school and then coming home and passing back out at some point.

Instead it is a safe bet that my night will  turn out  to be a few hours of screwing around on some antisocial network, binge watching some TV show on Netflix, and culminate in me realizing that I haven’t done diddley squat and am now trying to keep myself awake to see the end of some inane movie that I wouldn’t have even bothered to watch except that it was two thirty in the morning, and what the hell I’m up anyway right.

The problem isn’t that I need more hours in the day I just need to stop filling them with stupidity.

Anyway that’s what I’ve been thinking about this past week.

Happy Monday.


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