Bicycle Stories Month | Week 1: Recap and Round-up


Bicycle Stories Month Badge

The Recap Portion

Off to a Slow Start

At the end of week one it seems that I am the only person who was able to write a post for this event, however I am still encouraged by the amount of interest I have seen in the project. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks to come there will be more entries.

I am a hard-headed, stubborn bastard at heart so we will carry on none the less.

What on the once green earth are you babbling about?

I’m doing this made up little thing I’m calling Bicycle Stories Month. It’s to get people riding their bikes and sharing their experiences. Since you showed up here you might as well join in.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Bicycles Stories Month you can check out the details on the event page.


The Round-Up Portion

Since I was the only active participant this week feel free to check out my post, Back in the Fold just for kicks.

Around WordPress

Even thought these folks didn’t officially enter, here are a couple of posts I liked, and thought fell into the spirit of the thing. So if you’re needing inspiration for next week you should check them out.

Day 4 Ride: Trails and Alligators – National Bike Month, Endless Seeker

Bicycle, My Photo Space BA

I Don’t Know Shit About Bicycles, Too Busy Hating Everything

The Rules Rewritten, The Human Cyclist


Fountain Ride, Bettie Takes Some Pictures

i know no bigger bastard than a bike thief, Otherwise Empty

And if that’s not enough to get you going you can look into My Bicycle Diary for more ideas.

So that’s it for this weeks round-up. If you are still interested in joining this project remember anything posted after the rest of today and all of Wednesday will be eligible to be included with next weeks round-up, and a new event post to link to will be up every Thursday at 8:00am EST.

3 thoughts on “Bicycle Stories Month | Week 1: Recap and Round-up

  1. My intentions are honorable, now to find the time. I do have a couple I’d like to share as they fit in with my own blog subjects and recovery plus your bicycle stories and the place bike riding played in your own recovery. My caregiving role has increased twenty times over this week but will still give it an honest effort. Keep on peddling. Sheri

    • Time is always an issue, I’m having a hard time keeping up with my own projects as well. No worries, if nothing else comes of this I am having a bit a fun poking around word press for related posts. Life comes first always.

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