Re: Style

“The most durable thing in writing is style. It is a projection of personality and you have to have a personality before you can project it. It is the product of emotion and perception.”

Raymond Chandler

It is a large part of my nature to doubt myself and my abilities. One of the things that often bugs me as I write is where I am going with all this. I don’t mean in terms of success, I count the fact that I have returned to writing at all as a measure of some success on my part. I refer to whether or not what I write actually suits me, am I being clear about how I want what I write to be received and interpreted. I look back over some of my more recent post, especially my few entries of fiction and I do see some sense of voice there.

There are also times where I look at certain pieces I have done and can conclude that they have all the personality of a dog turd. In most of those cases it is obvious to me that I was writing just to have something to publish, and not because I had something I needed to share.

Have you ever shared something when you knew it wasn’t ready or wasn’t your best work? Does it still seem like something you would’ve produced if content ever takes a back seat to output?

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