Accumulation of Hallowness

As children they came to skip a dance across the floor to the echoes of their songs upon the walls.

As they grew it would become a fortress, a castle or a cave filled with pirates to best, and monsters to defeat, treasures to win and princesses to save.

In later years, before they parted, they would meet here just away from the eyes of adults.  Intoxicated by their experiments with the spirits, and the bodies, and the hearts.

Since their leaving few had, on occasion rare, been called back home for a time. It is then they come to reminisce, of a youth misspent, of dragons slain, and freebooters repelled, captives rescued, and deeds of honor. Lamenting one last time for their adventures left unfinished, opportunities passed, and affections they had squandered.

Done with their visitations, the reverie  must end. They return to the emptiness that once they filled  in pursuit of the glories, and pleasures of an age gone by. Bemoaning all the comforts they have achieved and security they have bought, at the expense of their wild innocence.

Emptiness by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Photo by Cheri Lucas Rowlands (image used with permission)

Inspired by a Weekly Challenge.

7 thoughts on “Accumulation of Hallowness

    • Thank you. I don’t normally go in for waxing poetical, so I don’t have a lot of experience with it but, something about that photograph put it in my mind to try. It was an enjoyable thing to write.

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