Sometimes Things Go Well

About a week ago I wrote a post, about how I managed to lose one of the bags off the back of my bicycle while on my commute into town. There wasn’t anything of much importance in it; my bike tools and work shoes were in the pack that was on the other side of the rack. It did mean that I had to purchase a new lock and cable and reconfigure my gear a bit; nothing heart wrenching but, it was a bit annoying and it has made running errands slightly harder on the bike as my carrying capacity has been reduced. To be honest I hadn’t given it much thought since I wrote about it.

Until today.

I was going through the motions of opening the kitchen where I work, getting my ducks in a row. It was going to be another one of those rare nights that they decided to trust me enough to run the line. Everything was going semi-normal, I have yet another wicked head cold which is my lot in life since I am the father of child attending public elementary school and work in a restaurant full-time. Fortunately there weren’t any really large parties, but the book had a few reservations to deal with. Shortly after the rest of the kitchen staff had shown up and got settled into their daily paces. The owner came bursting in through the saloon style doors calling out, “Doug someone dropped this off for you.” He was holding up…


My lost pannier returned by an anonymous stranger, who had located me by an errant pay stub crammed into its recesses giving the address of the restaurant where I worked. Everything was intact; the lock and cable, my brown long-sleeved shirt, ibuprofen, even the granola bar I had intended for a post ride snack the day I had lost it. The one of clips where it attaches to the cargo rack is still obviously in need of another adjustment to keep it from falling off again, but it’ll do.

Every once in a while something happens to let you know that not everyone in the world sucks. It is especially nice to be reminded of the kindness of strangers about an hour before you have to run a busy dinner shift with a rather debilitating head cold.

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