Commuting and Fitness | December’s Horribly Lazy Start

Excuses, excuses, excuses

I know that I have gone over some of this in a previous post but, for the first several days of this month my job has required me to get in about 11 hours earlier than normal. This meant that I had to be up at three in the morning, which was not at all conducive to me making quality decisions about my mode of transportation for getting to work; in short I have been using the truck far too much this first week. When that was over with and my day off came I was supposed to go on a ride with the Missus, but I let the overall lack of sleep from the brief schedule change get the better of me and I was crashed out when it came time to do that. I planned to ride later that evening but, I then conveniently remembered a couple of maintenance issues I needed to address with the bike and was able to put it off once more. This allowed me to rack up a total of five days of being an absolute turd about being a cyclist so far this month.

I could also point out here that at the end of last month I decided that I was going to not take December all that seriously, and that I went into this month knowing how crazy things were going to get, but would be beside the point.

Back on the crank

I finally got back on the bike late Friday morning, after finally taking a pair of pliers to the quick release on my front brakes to keep them from flying open every third or fourth time I used them, as well as fixing the clips on my panniers to keep them from trying to bounce free from the cargo rack. It wasn’t much, just a four mile little errand to run with my wife but it felt good to be on the saddle again. The ride pointed out a small problem with my shifter and I think I got that sorted but I am not one hundred percent on that; I’ll find tomorrow as I plan to take a route in to town that has a few light hills to climb.

Since I have been so delinquent in my commitment to riding I decided not to take the short route into work today, even though it looked like it was going to be a little hairy trying to get there on time today. It worked out but I could definitely tell I had not been on the bike in nearly a week. My legs were very sore and the bum knee was griping at me just a little. Add a nine-hour shift of being on my feet in the mix and I was fairly tired by the end of the night, so I took it a bit easier on myself on the way home. Perhaps I can take that as lesson learned.

I am not going to beat myself up over being a bit lazy this week, I’m just not going to make it into a pattern.


I will say that there are two things that I have noticed this week. First is something that I already could have told you; If I don’t ride I generally find myself in a bad mood. I have been using the bike as a way of dealing with stress since I stopped drinking so if I spend too much time away from it I start to verge on being rotten to myself and others, thankfully I didn’t get much past the stage where I start to withdraw from everyone this week.

The other thing, I stopped writing all together. I didn’t just stop writing my bicycle journal but, I did not feel like writing a single damned word at all. Now this might have been exhaustion from my scheduling craziness, or burn out from attempting to write a post everyday in November; however, as shortly after I started pedaling I started to feel the urge again. Either way I think it is I good idea if I keep at the cranks.

Moving Forward

 I am not going to sit here and worry myself over weekly and monthly mileage right now; I am still keeping track on the app but I am just going wait and see how it goes if I don’t set concrete numbers for myself. Like I said this month is about having fun with the bike.

I still need to take some more time to help my little girl get riding without her training wheels and I think that is more of what I am going to focus on right now.

I would also like to thank Jean at Cycle Write Blog for pointing out last week that I might be getting a little to obsessed about my speed. After thinking about it she was definitely right. Her input helped me relax and not take my perceptions of lack of progress in stride this week

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