I Have Been a Bit Neglectful Lately

Since the beginning of this month I have been covering the shifts of our regular morning prep people at work while they are attending a memorial service for their father out-of-town; I am more than happy to do this for them. It has however forced into a work schedule that starts twelve hours earlier than my regular dinner shifts on the line. The time difference has made neglectful of other aspects of my life.

Obviously I haven’t written much since this began and even just taking less than a week away from doing that has made getting started again very difficult. Even my typing seems awkward and clumsy. My normal schedule for working on my blog is from about midnight to one or two in the morning, and then again at about nine a.m. for last edits and polishing, perhaps getting started on new ideas. The change of shifts has left me either at work or so exhausted that I couldn’t keep my eyes open once I got home and had some quality time with my wife and daughter, which quite frankly trumps just about everything in my life. I am behind on my desired timetable for publishing of certain material, and at this point writing about that seems trite and contrived to me.

Just as bad of an offense is, I have barely even looked at my bicycle in the last four days; I found that dragging myself out of bed at three in the morning does little for the quality of my decision making, so I have wound up using the truck more often than I would like to get back and forth to the restaurant. My tracking app on the phone as sent me a nasty notification telling me that it is very disappointed in me and that I’m being a lazy jerk, and that I need to get my butt in gear. To this end the wife and I are planning a ride for the morning after we drop the girl off at school. We don’t have a set route yet but the weather should be great for it provided we get an early start to avoid what chance of rain there is. Perhaps I’ll pack us a small picnic for the trip.

Perhaps it is good that I took a short break after the marathon of publishing that I did in November. I do return to my normal work schedule starting Friday so, hopefully, I will be back up to doing some serious writing soon.

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