Don’t worry I’m not going to get all Pink Floyd on you here. I am going to mention that I am starting to seriously feel over scheduled lately, and that making sure that I publish every day is getting harder and harder.

I keep hearing these voices (some of which belong to people that actually exist) telling me that maybe I have been setting unrealistic goals for myself.

Fair enough maybe it is a bit unrealistic. Maybe I shouldn’t fret so much about publishing a post everyday this month; especially now that I am so close to the end. While I am at it let’s not worry about writing everyday at all; how about I just chuck my mileage goals for riding my bike this month, that sounds workable right; since we’re not doing that anymore why not take up smoking again, I won’t be needing that extra lung capacity anymore; and while we’re at it, how about I just start drinking again.

And there you go. That’s what this is about isn’t it; at least that’s what my brain is going to make it about, again. Trying to tell someone fighting for their sobriety that they are setting “unrealistic” goals isn’t really going to sit well with them, even if that goal isn’t directly related or tied into their sobriety.

That being said, I will most definitely be glad to see the back of November and will more than likely not be setting any publishing schedules like this for any time soon. It is good to have ambitions though. Not to worry, I’m sure I move right along and find another unrealistic goal.

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