Post From a Remote Location

A late start, a sick child and a number of errands forced me to forego my morning writing today so now I’m stealing a few moments here and there from my job to tap this out on my phone.

As promised my helmet arrived yesterday while I was at work and as also promised here is a picture of me looking all bicycley.

It’s hot as all hell wearing the damned thing (despite the advertised numerous vents) and I feel like a bit of a twit wearing it, though considering some of the things I’ve worn in public over the past few decades I think I can live with it. I suppose it is better than cracking my skull open.on the pavement. It also has the added value of setting a good example for my daughter.

I managed to try it on for size by sneaking in a ten mile ride before work. When I stopped for an overpriced lunch of a grilled cheese and an iced coffee I ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while; he told me that a couple of old acquaintances of ours had, like me, decided to start living sober.

I started to think about how, when I was still drinking, I would look at other people’s lives and decide that they had a problem with alcohol or drugs. It is definitely easier to judge others than to pull up your pants and acknowledge your own problems.

I was glad to hear they are doing well, and it was good to see my other friend. I’ve been a hermit for to long and it’s high time I let some people that i’ve been missing back into my life.

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