Got Bent

My determination at not letting my cold get the better of me and riding anyway have come to naught. Yesterday I went out to get the bike packed for my commute, and discovered that the rim is bent to all hell. I’m not sure what I did to cause this to happen but my best assumption is that it was slightly off kilter for some time and a few unseen potholes in the night on my ride home from work did the rest of the damage.

Being the stubborn SOB that I am, I have insisted on fixing this myself. This is despite the fact that I have never trued a wheel before and only know how it works in theory. another stumbling block that have encountered is that the spoke wrenches in my possession are part of a cheap emergency roadside multi-tool and therefore not particularly effective.

Now I sit, and wait for one of the seemingly endless bike shops to open (apparently bikes don’t need to be repaired before noon on a Sunday) so I can buy a proper wrench. The clock keeps ticking and it seems more and more likely that I will have to complete this time consuming repair tomorrow. It would seem this will be, yet another Truck Day.


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