Truck Day

It seems I am having a couple of days where I am going to have to use the truck instead of my bike for my regular commuting. yesterday this was due to the fact that I had to leave work in the middle of my shift to help some family out with their own transportation issues. I managed to get a few miles in anyway by taking a supplemental ride which felt pretty good as I was able to take routes that didn’t involve any heavy traffic.

That being said I would like to take a moment to piss and moan about how aggravating driving to work, finding someone to come in and work for the two busiest hours of a dinner shift, fighting the tail end of rush hour traffic back to the house, switching vehicles loading up passengers, driving out to my niece’s sports practice, wind up waiting there for almost an hour because the time tables got confused, loading everyone up again, driving to my nieces’  house (yes there are two of them in the car at this point) to drop them off, driving back to my house to unload my wife and daughter, getting back in the truck, driving back to work, getting there just in the nick of time to relieve the coworker who was gracious enough to help me out in a tight spot right when you said he’d be able to go home, finishing the shift, closing the kitchen, getting back in the truck, stopping off to get milk when it could have been done hours ago before I even left for work when I went for my bike ride in the first place (I mean come on I’ve got the panniers on the damned thing for a reason),  then getting home exhausted and agitated to the point that I couldn’t really focus enough to write anything, actually is.

Happy enough to help out my sister-in-law and her daughters though, and now that I know this is my Wednesday routine I have scheduled myself appropriately for next week.

The problem with Truck Days is that they always seem to come in twos and threes. This morning my long ride I was planning with my wife, which would have been a good fourteen miles or so, was canceled last minute. The weather was looking a little iffy and we realized neither of us had really put together a proper repair kit, which could be bad as we would have been biking through the middle of BFE. I went back to bed for a bit and forgot to set my alarm, and woke up two hours later than I wanted, with a cold. Some coffee and a bit of Hot and Sour soup, with a couple of steamed dumplings on the side, it is time to go pick up the daughter at school. Today being an errand day as well this puts me back at the house exactly just too late to use the bike to get back to work.

Looking forward to dragging my butt out of bed early tomorrow and getting back up on that horse though. That and tomorrow I evaluate my riding experience so far this month.

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